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Targeted Precision – Environmentally Sensitive

Zulu Marine Services was founded in 2006 to perform offshore operations, including research, exploration and recovery, using side scan sonar and purpose-built equipment.

Since then, our operations have expanded to include UAV technology that allows us to provide a broad range of aerial sensing and mapping applications. As we applied these tools in the field it became apparent how beneficial they are to disaster response, and as such, we’ve developed our operations to provide immediate action when disaster strikes.

Our tools, skills and experience are beneficial across a broad range of possible events and situations, from storm clean-up to chemical spills, from infrastructure inspection to worksite monitoring, we have you covered.

Disaster Response and Clean-Up

In the wake of a devastating event, once the danger has passed and threat to human life is over, the time comes to begin sorting through the damage and strive for recovery. Zulu has practical experience in disaster response with our work on Deepwater Horizon, Hurricane Sandy, and more recently with the hurricanes that generated extensive damage and debris in Coastal Georgia, and South Carolina.

Zulu provides above and below the tideline response and recovery from debris removal to storm and spill clean-up. We are sensitive to wildlife and protected and fragile areas, and we specialize in low-impact precision removal techniques.

Our team is available to manage your disaster response and recovery needs for natural events such as storms, floods and earthquakes, or man-made events such as spills, fires, crash sites, and more.

Zulu AIR Project Portal

Our online data management software allows you to review, organize and analyze data from the aerial images and video we’ve gathered for you.

  • Remote views of any hard-to-reach structures
  • Inspect for corrosion, structural integrity or stability
  • Immediate response means less operations downtime
  • Drone technology is safe and reduces labor costs
  • No scaffolding, climbing or helicopter rental required
  • Live streaming, 3D modeling or printed images available
  • View and manipulate data on our Zulu AIR Project Portal (ZAPP)

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