Disaster Response

Zulu works with discretion, sensitivity and integrity to manage your disaster response needs.

In the wake of a devastating event, once the danger has passed and threat to human life is over, the time comes to begin sorting through the damage.  Zulu has practical experience in disaster response with our work on Deepwater Horizon, Hurricane Sandy, and more recently with the hurricanes that generated extensive damage and debris in Coastal Georgia, and South Carolina.

  • Safely assist and accelerate risk assessment

  • Map areas of damage

  • Assess debris fields for scope and volume
  • Video footage, live streaming or still images are all available

  • Useful for natural disasters such as storms, floods and earthquakes

  • Useful for man-made events such as spills, fires, and crash sites

  • Zulu works with discretion, sensitivity and integrity

  • Over 25 HAZWOPER certified technicians

  • Containment boom and other specialized equipment

Step 1 – Inspection and Damage Assessment, by Air, Land and on the Water

Air:  Aerial views are critical in determining the scope of the disaster. Our top-of-the-line UAV equipment allows us to safely and assist and accelerate risk assessment.

Land:  Boots on the ground inspections at eye level can be useful in determining the scale and scope of work.

Marine:  Our vessels are equipped with side scan sonar and we utilize top-of-the-line ROV equipment to inspect, assess and locate debris and other obstacles underwater.

Step 2 – Mapping and Planning

When inspections are complete, we use the information gathered to map the areas of damage, and assess debris fields for scope and volume.
Reviewing the footage can take place on the spot with live streaming at nearly any site, or afterward as video footage and still images, in 3D modeling and orthomosaic mapping.

Step 3 – Removal and Disposal

Zulu provides above and below the tideline response, from debris removal to storm and spill clean-up. We are sensitive to wildlife and protected and fragile areas, and we specialize in low-impact precision removal techniques.

We have a full crew of HAZWOPER certified technicians, containment boom and other specialized equipment, purpose-built vessels, to meet any disaster response and recovery needs. Our crews are available immediately.

Zulu is available to manage your disaster response needs for natural events such as storms, floods and earthquakes, or man-made events such as spills, fires, crash sites, and more.

Our highly specialized light and heavy equipment allows us to complete any project – above and below the tideline, and with sensitivity to protected areas and wildlife.

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